imagesThe IMEI unlock code generator is the effective and most popular program that helps in unlocking the iPhone. The software generate imei unlock for all phone around the world. However, it is very complex to perform the unlock code generation but is quite simple and easy with the use of IMEI unlock code generator. The tool has user-friendly interface that and works on the any versions of Mac operating system, Windows operating system, linux and Android operating system. It enables you to unlock all the models of iPhones like iPhone4, iPhone5, iPhone6 etc. The iPhone IMEI can be unlocked easily by following the three steps which are mentioned below


Select your iPhone Model – You need to select the model of your iPhone from the dropdown list, there a list of iPhone model like iPhone 5, 5s, iPhone6 will be displayed. The IMEI unlock code generator also helps in generating unlock code for iPad, iPad 2, iPad3, iPad 4, iPad Mini 2 etc.

Enter the IMEI of your phone – The IMEI number can be find by going in the settings then general then about screen or you can dial *#06#. If you still not getting your IMEI number the you can click on the ‘i’ icon to get your IMEI for iPhone.

Download and generate the unlock code- With the help of IMEI you can easily generate the iPhone unlock code on the iPhone model. The unlock code is the unique code that can be used only for one iPhone and cannot be used for another iPhone.

iMEI Unlock Code Generator Tool

There are severals tool that will help you in unlocking the IMEI and generates the code but they can damage the iPhone and destroy the resources of the iPhone but this tool is most popular and excellent tool that generates IMEI Unlock code without damaging the iPhone. The iUnlocker is generally written in programming languages like C++, Java, PHP, .Net etc are connected to iPhone servers with the help of SQL injection and perform the search for unlock code for the iPhone. The iUnlocker will find and track the code on which network the iPhone is connected , and this tool will automatically change the locked code with the new code so that the iPhone can be used and access at any network worldwide. The tool helps in saving of your roaming charges and provides you to access the network of your own choice like orange, cellone, vodafone, Fido, Tim, O2, Telcel, Telenor, cellucom etc.


Features of the imei unlock code generator tool

1. The tool can be used to unlock the IMEI code for all the iPhone models like iPhone4, iPhone 3, iPhone 2g etc.
2. The tool is compatible with all versions of Mac, Windows, Linux and Android operating system.
3. It lets you to access any network of your own choice rather than AT&T networks across the world.
4. It also increase the price value of your iPhone as you are free to download and use any application of your choice from any source.