androidThe IMEI is a 15 digit number that are used to lock your phone to a specific network. It also prevent the misuse of the phone and from theft. The IMEI can be unlocked for all android phone and helps in removing all restrictions in order to access with another network of your own choice. The IMEI is also to be used to track the brand of the mobile phone you are using along with the features and configuration of the android phone. Generally the IMEI can be find out by entering *#06# or it is also mentioned on the phone below the battery. The IMEI unlocking codes for android phone can be generated by using code and USB. You need to provide IMEI of phone, device brand and model number of the brand to perform the unlocking of IMEI for android phone. However, some android are locked permanently but still it is possible to find the unlock code directly USB without a code.

Advantages of IMEI Unlocking for Android Phone

  • With the same android phone you are free access in any network of your own choice.
  • You can use any network to avoid the roaming charges while traveling.
  • You can use different SIM network on your same android phone when you need to change it.
  • It will also increase the resale value of your phone as your phone can be used to get more benefits and applications of your choice.
    Generally you avoid the use of your android phone as it can not be used in another networks but by unlocking the phone can be used anywhere.

Software To Unlock IMEI For Android

The unlock tool is the popular tool that provides a great service across the world. It is very fast and simple to perform the unlocking process and can be used to unlock any android phone around the world. You need to provide your locked android phone information like IMEI number, android version, carrier, country, and phone brand to generate the unlock code. After unlocking, like costly phone your cheap phone will let you to perform all task and all applications can be downloaded. The tool is compatible with almost all operating systems like Windows operating system, Mac operating system, Android operating and Linux operating system.

Features of the software-

  • This tool can be used to unlock IMEI for android for free.
  • It supports all the android phones and works on any network.
  • It has very simple and user-friendly interface which can be used anywhere across the world for unlocking your phone.
  • It is compatible with all operating system like Mac, Linux, Windows, Android etc

This is the very popular and powerful tool that can be used to unlock your android phone to be used on any network in anywhere without changing the android phone.